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love changes



where do I even begin.


with a title like that, you'd think JT and I had broken up or something.


now you're starting to sweat a little bit, but not to worry.

we're still together and better than ever.


we recently celebrated SIX years together, and for a couple of 25-year olds that's quite the accomplishment. especially, in the world we live in with instant access to about a billion people. 


I had a conversation with a friend a couple of weeks ago where she asked if there were ever moments when I doubted that JT was the right one for me. My answer? was yes of course I've doubted him, but I've also doubted us, and myself. I think that relationships are a really complex thing. And no one knows it better than the people involved. It's two people coming together and expecting the other to read their minds. 


We also happened to get together right out of high school. And as I've said a million times before, between the ages of 18 and 25 you change an insane amount. Really, between 23 and 25 you're an entirely different person. I can't stress enough how beautiful that journey is, if you've been able to roll through those changes with someone by your side. 


There are times in our relationship where I've had to carry the weight, emotionally and financially. And there are times that JT has had to carry the weight, its always going to be a lot of give and take. We will forever be learning, growing, and changing as a whole, as individuals, and I'm forever grateful for that. 








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