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my favorite holiday

im not sure where to start, or how to possibly cover everything.


but today... well, today is a special day for our little family.



today is the day that our pups, and myself get to celebrate our favorite person in the entire world. I'm not typically one for public displays of the mushy stuff, mostly because I think its such a sacred thing to share with someone.

but I figured one out of the many birthdays, I'll brag a bit. 


today is the day that one of my other favorite people brought my greatest adventure into this world. 

I'm reminded every day just how lucky I am to have crossed your path exactly 6 years and 10 days ago.

but on days like today I can't help but smile a little bigger. reminiscing on all of the exciting, adventurous, scary, tough, and amazing things we've experienced together. I will never say that our life together has been all rainbows and sunshine, but what I can say.. with 100% certainty is that when we do hit bumps together or as individuals, a hug from you is the only cure. 


you are my person, my best friend, my partner in crime, the only person I truly enjoy the company of 100% percent of the time. you're the person who makes me feel grounded, peaceful, and happy.

(except when you don't help with the dishes, lol)  

I'm not sure how I got so lucky, but I'm forever grateful that I get to do life with you by my side.





 I will never be able to thank you for the difference you've made in my life. I can't thank you enough for always encouraging me to do what's best for me. and teaching me not to settle for anything less.


 you are the most patient (my family will agree with this, lol) person, you are the kindest, most loving, supportive, uplifting, and genuine person I've ever known in my entire life. 


 you are the best fur dad, EVER. you're mostly a great roommate ;) and you're the only adventure partner I ever want. 


 our life might be a bit chaotic from time to time, and we might be the most indecisive people we ever come across. but I'm happy to be by your side through it all.









 so here's to a day filled with everything you love, because you deserve it all babe. I hope you know that you're officially one year shy of being a quarter of a century :)



happy birthday handsome. 


I'll love you forever.


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