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Pine Mountain: GET LOST

Well, this is a question Justin and I probably should have asked ourselves before just winging it on a new trail. We decided to go hike Pine Mountain, which for those of you who have hiked giant mountains this is more of a large hill. We got off the interstate and thought we took a wrong turn only to realize that it's kind of a hidden gem. You pull down a road that has WARNING- DO NOT ENTER gates at the end and to your left a little dirt road with a small sign that welcomes to you to Pine Mountain. I'd say for those of you in great shape this would be an intermediate hike, and for those of you like myself who's ass hasn't climbed a hill in FAR too long, this shit will kick your butt. Or maybe I was just so winded because we didn't pay attention to the map or signs and hiked the loop twice before finding the trail that brings you to the summit... (casually smacking myself in the forehead). Truth be told, I'm never mad or upset when lost in Nature. Send me into Atlanta and let me get turned around, I'll be needing a xanex as soon as I get home. But get me lost and turned around while surrounded by beautiful trees, small creeks, and blue sky? YASSS please. There's something so grounding about being outside and away from the business of the world. Fresh air fills your lungs, the freckles on your cheeks come out of hibernation, fellow hikers smile and say hello, kids passing by with giant smiles and energy that you wish you could buy at the supermarket. It's like an entirely different world, the world that I prefer to live in. This trail had a lot of incline, which was a good kickstart to our 52 week hike challenge (follow them on Instagram! their page is AWESOME), and a lot of shade which in the state of Georgia, that's the greatest blessing you could ask for. When we emerged from the woods and onto the summit, we smiled, took a deep breath, nodded at one another, and then sat in silence for 30 minutes while we just took in the beautiful views that we are so grateful to see. Hiking is kinda like life, the road to the top can be a little rocky (no pun intended) but once you get to the top everything good, bad, or indifferent was well worth it.

Next week: Lake Nottley, GA Lake House

So much love for all of you!



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