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as I sit here with a hot cup of coffee, calming music, and my sweet pups laying on either side of me.. I can't help but feel so grateful. 

but ive had to teach myself to take in these moments and hold on to them. I promise you, it hasn't been easy. be...

well guys, we officially have only 2/3rd's of this year left.

kind of a bizarre way to look at it, I know. but, before you go rolling your eyes at me.. check in with yourself. check in with your intentions you set for this year, figure out the day to...

Happy New Year World,

I hope all of you were surrounded with love, happiness, and lots of gratitude as we entered into what will be our best year yet.

Full of growth, challenges, adventures, dreams, and hard work.

For me, New Years day is a day full of...

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